Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Sunny Jim sunshade over your competitor?

Easy. Our sunshades are of the highest quality and the functionality of our sunshades is far superior to our competitors. We have ensured there is NO knot tying, our poles snap together on a spring, the fabric is durable, breathable and UPF50+ and the entire sunshade package is light weight (3kg with yoga bag and 3.5kg with beach bag).

Do your Sunny Jim sunshades withstand wind?

The sure do. First and foremost they are sunshades however if they are set up correctly they can withstand a fair battering from the wind:

1) Face the shade so the wind passes through the shade not pushing against it
2) Hammer the pegs deep into the sand/ grass using our free mallet and cover them over with sand to ensure they are anchored into the ground (in wind we go as far as 40+ cm)
3) Push the upright poles nice and deep into the sand
4) On the ropes we have attached “rope runners” which allow you to slacken and tighten the ropes so in the wind to you can give your shade some room to move
Why are there two bag options to buy the sunshade is?

Sunny Jim is all about practicality and enjoying time in the outdoors in style. Both of our bags were designed by us to fit your sunshade is PERFECTLY. The yoga stele bag fits your sunshade and small items such as your phone, keys, wallet etc and you can put the adjustable strap over your shoulder and off you go.

The beach bag option fits the sunshade at the bottom and this takes up about 1/3 of the bag. The other 2/3 of the bag fit what ever else you need to enjoy your day out in the sunshine.

And your sunshade will always match the bag you buy.

How many people do you need to set up the sunshade?

Until you get the hang go it, we suggest two people. The set where you light the poles up works best with two people until you can master this solo!

How do you set up the sunshade?

We have a great video on our website as well as our written instruction manual. There are no more than four steps to follow to set up your sunshade. We also include instructions in your bag.

Why should I buy your beach bag?

Our beach bag is not just for the beach. Think travel, gym, sport, kids swimming, over night stays and hand luggage on the plane. The bags have a water proof lining and have pockets the entire way around the inside of the bag. There is also an inside zip pocket and two side pockets. The fabric has been treated so it is already ready to take on dirty marks. We suggest a ‘wet wipe/ baby wipe’ to get dirty marks off the bag as well.

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