THE PERFECT NEW TOWEL: Hand made in Morocco

We have something new for you and we know you are going to love them! Introducing our gorgeous, 100% cotton, hand loomed towels – made in Morocco. From us. For you. And they are simply stunning!!


We love the pops of neon and we also adore how practical they are as an alternative to a large, heavy beach towel. Use them in the bathroom as well as in your hand luggage on the plane to keep warm. Although summer seems like a long way away for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, I am sure you can think of LOADS of ways to incorporate our towels into your life.

Have you ever seen the process of a hand loomed towel? It is a very time consuming and an absolutely amazing skill and our Moroccan Artisans are out of this world amazing. Literally every towel is made by hand which gives them their unique look and feel. Throw them in a cool wash when they get grubby and hang them on the line or over a chair to dry in the house. Super easy.


When you are strolling the streets of Paris or lounging pool side in Greece, keep one of these on hand – you will be tres chic thats for sure. We would love to know what you think of them as well, so please drop us an email or leave a comment below (


Stay shaded,



Photos by: Sarah Thane (


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